Intelligent Barn


Intelligent Barn measures continuously...

Butyric acid
Wind speed
Wind direction
Sulfuric acid (H₂S)
Ammonia levels
Do you want to gain structural insight into odor emissions and also be able to control these? Intelligent Barn can help you with that. With our data you can be transparent about your business towards your environment.

Why measure odor?

In the future, so-called ‘target regulations’ for granting permits will become the standard. To meet farmers’ needs, objective sensors are necessary which prove the smell emissions of their farms.

How does it work?

Measurements take place with sensors located outside the stable and by using our software you can get immediate and continuously (24/7) insight. With our module smell emissions, various sensors measure ammonia levels, sulfuric acid (H2S), butyric acid and the wind speed and wind direction. By using our dashboard on your phone, PC or tablet you have direct insight in the form of graphs, alerts and summaries. A unique feature is that the entrepreneur himself specifies the desired values. It is also possible to set an alert, for example, if one of the specified limit values has been reached. This alert arrives at the user as a message on the phone or via the tablet. This way you can control smell emissions.
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