Intelligent Barn

Climate module

Intelligent Barn measures continuously…

Air pressure
CO₂ (inside)
Ammonia levels
Wind direction
Wind speed
(inside and outside)
Many entrepreneurs lack a sense of control in regulating the climate in the barn. Do you want to gain structural insight into the climate and also be able to control the climate? Intelligent Barn provides the solution. Experience often shows that entrepreneurs are surprised by the results because they think differently about the conditions on their own farm.

Why measure climate?

An incorrect climate in the stable has an effect on animal health and welfare, which means that deviations such as growth delays and lung abnormalities can occur.

How does it work?

Measurements take place with sensors located in the stable and by using our software you can get immediate and continuously (24/7) insight in the climate. With our climate module, various sensors measure the inside and outside temperature, CO2 and humidity. By using our dashboard on your phone, PC or tablet you have direct insight in the form of graphs, alerts and summaries. An unique feature is that the entrepreneur himself specifies the desired values. It is also possible to set an alert, for example, if one of the specified limit values has been reached. This alert arrives with the user as a message on the phone or via the tablet. This way you can control the climate in and around your company.
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